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We didn't invent Tilt-Up construction, but we believe we perfected it. Bedrock challenges the status quo in the building industry. We take beautifully designed buildings and make them simple to build. They just happen to be cost effective, energy efficient and quick to construct.





Combining Old World Craftsmanship with Modern Technology to Deliver a Superior Building

  • At Bedrock, concrete is in our blood. Our construction team has been in the industry for over 25 years.

  • Our individual crews work together like a well-oiled machine or a conductor leading a symphony.

  • Many of them started in Portugal and then brought their knowledge and old world craftsmanship to Bedrock.







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Larry Wilderotter president of Bedrock Concrete Corp

Larry Wilderotter


For over 30 years Larry has driven his company to deliver the best products available by utilizing current, cutting-edge technology. Larry's success comes from his commitment and ability to self-perform all of the phases of work he offers his clients.

Jim White Business Developer at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Jim White

Business Developer

Jim meets with local architects, developers and owners all over the state of New Jersey to educate them on the many benefits of the Tilt-up construction process.

Michael Hill Marketing Coordinator at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Michael Hill

Marketing Coordinator

Michael handles all marketing, media, website, and advertising aspects of the company.

Joanne Riley Accountant at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Joanne Riley


Joanne handles accounts payable, the tenant billing and pricing. After raising four children, Joanne understands the importance of being organized and the ability to multi-task.

Flavio Conde Shop Supervisor at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Flavio Conde

Shop Supervisor

Flavio started working with Bedrock in 2001, and has been a part of the Bedrock family for 20 years. Along with his father, Flavio supervises all of our equipment. He is also a Crane Operator for Bedrock.

Paolo Mariano Field Foreman at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Paulo Mariano

Field Foreman

Paulo has been working with Larry since 1988. He started working in construction in Portugal when he was only 12 years old. Paulo manages his crew like a Navy Seal team leader.

Tony Olival Field Foreman at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Tony Olival

Field Foreman

Tony started working with Larry when he was only 20-years-old. Starting as a laborer more than 30 years ago, he has now worked his way to project foreman. By his peers, Tony is considered the best concrete finisher in the industry.

Tony Goncalves Field Foreman at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Tony Goncalves

Field Foreman

Tony has been working with Larry since 1988. He has managed very complex municipal projects up to tens of millions of dollars. When trying to explain old world craftsmanship, Tony’s picture is the first thing that comes to mind

Kevin McNaboe Project Manager at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Kevin McNaboe

Project Manager

Kevin performs estimating, preconstruction planning, coordination, and material submissions for projects. During construction he provides daily field support, construction layout, inspection review, and material acquisition along with equipment and manpower logistics.


Daniel Ochoa

Project Manager

Daniel carries out the preconstruction review of plans and shop drawings, material submissions, and coordination. During construction he provides daily field support, construction layout, inspection review, as well as material and equipment acquisition.

Janet Pilot Property Manager at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Janet Pilot

Property Manager

Janet has spent time in the office with administrative tasks as well as worked on site in the construction trailer as an assistant project manager on many projects. She manages all projects for Hartle Street Industrial Park as well as various aspects of accounting.

Manny Conde Shop Supervisor at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Manny Conde

Shop Supervisor

For the past 35 years, Manny has been the heartbeat of Bedrock. By overseeing the maintenance of more than 100 pieces of equipment and 40 vehicles, Manny keeps the company moving. He is an expert in welding, hydraulics, bodywork, electronics and engines.

Jorge Santos Field Foreman at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Jorge Santos

Field Foreman

Jorge began working with Larry when he was just 18 years old! He then became a foreman when he was only 26 years old. Jorge’s strongest quality is his natural ability in mathematics, which makes him the perfect layout man.

Duarte Lopes Field Foreman at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Duarte Lopes

Field Foreman

Duarte has worked with Bedrock for over 24 years. He started as a teenager and has worked his way up from being a laborer to being a field foreman.

Roy Ruialmedia Field Foreman at Bedrock Concrete Corp

Rui Almeida

Field Foreman

Roy came over from Portugal when he was 27 years old and has been working with Bedrock ever since- it's been 19 years!




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