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Location: 151 Back Road, Stafford Township, NJ

Client information: For-Shore

Building information: 7,100 Sqft

Architect: The Lederer & Wright Partnership

Liberty Commons III

Location: East Veterans Highway & North Hope Chapel Road Jackson, NJ

Status: Shell complete

Client information: Clayton Concrete

Building information: 32,000 Sqft

Architect: Tokarski & Millemann Architects

Suttons Lane

Location: 51 Suttons Lane Piscataway, NJ

Status: Completed

Client information: Suttons II LLC

Building information: 14,600 Sqft

Architect: Taylor Architecture & Design

Cool Tower Addition

Location: 133 Demarest Rd. Sparta, NJ

Status: Shell complete

Client information: Cool Tower LLC

Building information: 16,000 Sqft addition

Architect: Charles Schaffer Associates

Demarest Development

Location: Demarest Road Sparta, NJ

Status: Shell completed

Client Information: KG Industries

Building information: 27,000 Sqft

Architect: Charle Schaffer Associates LLC

Wall Data Center

Location: Wall Church Road, Wall NJ

Status: Shell completed

Client Information: NJFX

Building Information: 66,000 Sqft 

Architect: Bach & Clark Architecture LLC

Monmouth Cardiology

Location: 550 Meridian Road, Eatontown, NJ

Status: Complete

Client Information: Donato Group

Building Information: 27,189 Sqft

Architect: W. Lerman Architecture

Brick Properties

Location: 25 Columbia Road Branchburg, NJ

Status: Shell Completed

Client Information: Nicholson Corporation

Building Info: 17,000 Sqft Office/Warehouse

Toms River Office and Retail

Location: 277 Route 70 West Toms River, NJ

Status: Complete

Client information: Jeff Crisalli

Building info: 16,000 sqft. two story office & retail building

Bedrock Offices

Location: 801 Hartle Street Sayreville, NJ 08872

Status: Complete

Client information: Bedrock Concrete Corp.

Client Comments: We not only believe in Tilt-up, but we also live in it!

Building info: 15,000 sqft. office, shop and warehouse building

Ambten Associates

Location: Tennent Road & Amboy Ave Marlboro, NJ

Status: Complete

Client information: Shelly Rodgers

Building info: 24,000 sqft Office Building

Absolute Property Management

Location: 2050 State Route North Brunswick Township, NJ 08902-1380

Status: Complete

Client information: Arthur Lauri

Building info: 40,000 sqft. office building; winner of the CON/STEEL Building of the Year 2009

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